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Scheme Design

Having established the exact brief, we can now commence preparation of an initial scheme design based on not just your requirements but what the site and/or the existing building has to offer. We will establish any parameters that we must work within by investigating Council records. We will begin to incorporate your requirements and ideas, taking into consideration factors such as site boundaries, views, orientation, town-planning requirements, and any other relevant items.

A Land Surveyor may have to be commissioned to accurately locate boundaries, relative heights, and any other features on the site which may have a bearing as to where the design might be headed. We can engage these services on your behalf and arrange for them to contact you and provide a quote for their work.

Based on the above information, we will come up with a scheme design. This is really just to get something down on paper that we can talk through and find out if we are headed in the right direction. Your opinions and feedback are crucial here so we can incorporate them into the design. Typically this stage will consist of an existing (if appropriate) and proposed floor plan, an elevation or two, and a couple of 3d views to explain the design and help give you a good understanding of what the finished proposal will look like.

This leads into the Developed Design stage.

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Developed Design

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