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5 Things..

5 Mistakes people make when undertaking alterations to their house

1) Let budget restrict their vision - now I am not saying you should let your imagination run wild, but in the first instance, it is better to think of all the things you want or don't like about your house before establishing a budget. At least that way I know how you are feeling, and your ultimate dream. You never know, it may not be as unaffordable as you think!

2) Choose the wrong designer - It is crucial that you pick the designer that you feel is the best match for you. This could be different for everybody. What’s right for one person is not necessarily the best choice for another. Engaging the wrong designer can lead to frustration, miscommunication and wasted time and money in the end.

3) Choose design fees over value/service - As with most professions, there can be a wide range of fees when it come to architectural design. More important than the cost of the fees, is the value and service the designer is going to provide. Given that the design fees are a small proportion compared to the construction cost, it pays to spend a bit more now to get the best service, drawings and documentation you can to save you money in the long run.

4) Go for the cheapest solution to the problem - We've all seen it - the house that has the obvious tack on. Perhaps an unsightly lean-to roof, or an ugly change of wall cladding. This can actually devalue the house rather than adding value. True, it may provide the extra space or fulfil an immediate need, but in the long run it’s not a good idea. If possible always go for design and materials to match the existing house. If well done it can greatly increase the value of the house, beyond its initial cost.

5) Do nothing! There is so much talk and opinion in the media about the economy and the unsettled state of the building industry in New Zealand. What a great time to undertake those alterations! Tradesman are plentiful and crying out for work with very competitive rates to boot. The housing market is beginning to pick up again. Don't miss out! You never know – your dream should be competed to say ‘you never know – your dream house may be the one you live in’

I can put you in contact with some of those people and having worked with them before, I can vouch for good service and a good job. Don’t let too much thinking and procrastination put you off starting the journey to improving your lifestyle. It’s like anything – if you think about something too much you will never end up doing it. You never know – your dream

Intelligent Design was formed in 2008 to cater for those people who want quality drawings and documentation for Council consent at an affordable price. We have undertaken everything from work valued at $20,000 right through to $1.2 million! Alterations and new houses are our specialty.

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