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On Site Assistance

We can oversee the construction of your project, ensuring that it is run according to the terms of the building consent granted and that the standard of workmanship meets both your and our expectations of quality.

It is quite common during construction for a builder to require advice or input to make sure the construction meets the expectations of the client and/or the designer. There may be some additional detailing work to sort through that was not required for the Building Consent documentation.

We can act as a middle man between the client and the builder, ensuring the smooth running of the construction process. A happy builder is more likely to do a better job for his clients. And there is nothing more frustrating to a builder to have clients who change their minds (they will likely bill you for it), or clients who commit themselves to running the building project but realising they don’t have enough time to do it justice, or don’t have the skills and/or experience to do it properly.

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