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Developed Design

In this stage the scheme design will be altered to incorporate your changes and ideas until we arrive at a final design that you are happy with. This will cover not just the floor plan layouts, but the elevations, wall and roof claddings. At this stage we may also do a quick 3D model with my computer software (Archicad) which provides a fly-around to view the house from any side and any angle. This is helpful if there are any possible unresolved issues or elements that need exploring further. If you are wanting a more comprehensive 3D model worked up to show friends or family then we are happy to do this at an extra cost.

These drawings will contain sufficient detail to finalise the design and gain your written approval (sign off) before moving into working drawings and documentation for pricing and consent purposes. You could possibly use these drawings to get an estimate of costings from a builder, however be warned that until the detailed drawings are finished, their estimate may be quite different to the final quote.

At this stage you may wish to talk to a Landscape Designer, Interior Designer or Colour Consultant. Their input at this relatively early stage, can be invaluable and may have to be incorporated into the design. We can engage these services on your behalf and arrange for them to contact you and provide a quote for their work.

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